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Competency  Analytics  &  Management

Competency Management is to identify, acquire, assess, compare and forecast competency at work, in order to mediate its supplies and demands and facilitate its exercise in line with business and development strategies. It is concerned with

Competency Engineering (Competence Semantics: Engineering and Application) digitalises competency data (work experience, study records, courses, evaluation, projects, roles and responsibilities) as well as competency knowledge (competency frameworks, standards, the body of knowledge of an activity, profession or discipline), resulting in competency data banks and knowledge bases. It involves logging, extraction, modelling, transformation, loading for both competency data and knowledge.

In the transformation towards digital human resources(Deloitte Insights - 2017 Global Human Capital Trends), competency engineerng is essential for competency management. It underpins competency analytics, which is a framework of competency engineering, technology and methodologies in an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to competency managment.

Competency Analytics is our offer of a toolkit to understand competency status (past, current or future) and discover the insight for decision and action. It follows the principles of factuality and objectivity in competency data, comprehensiveness and consensus in competency knowledge, scalabilty, tracebility and consistency in competency processing (Forecast Competency Migration by a Methodology of Competency Analytics). It is a package of algorithms, frameworks, data bank, knowledge base, AI technologies and methodologies. It supports five basic operations of the competency management:

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