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The Competence-based Employment Advisor is a technological demo of matching job seekers and job offers, comparing semantically  the similarity and gap competence profiles and task profiles.

It makes use of Intelartes Semantics Engine and iBASE Semantics to compute the semantic similarity and difference, rank and visualize results from a non-trivial set of real-life data of anonymous candidacy and vacancy.

Based on iBASE Semantics, a semantic model of competences is developed from the competence frameworks about occupation and qualification. It enables the Intelartes Semantics Engine to interpret and compare competence data with respect to the competence frameworks of occupation and qualification.

 The demo features basic tasks of a recruitment agent.

  • Browse the competence profile of job candidates
  • Browse the competence requirements of job offers
  • Rank candidates by a job offer
  • Rank job offer by a job request
  • Extract competences from narrative descriptions in natural language (not in this version of demo)